Press-release: EuroMix project advances risk assessment of chemical mixtures

Human biomonitoring studies show that people have a considerable number of human-made chemicals in their bodies. European regulations stipulate the need to consider the potential mixture effect in the nearby future. EuroMix has delivered an open web-based data and model platform for exposure, hazard and risk assessment.

EuroMix aimed to establish novel testing and assessment strategies for chemical mixtures, to develop appropriate mixture risk assessment methodology and to implement this in a well-accessible inter-operational data and model platform.

Eleven European Member States tested the EuroMix data and model platform by performing dietary exposure assessments including a large number of chemicals. They also carried out case studies addressing multiple exposure routes of bisphenols and pesticides. These case studies should be seen as a try-out and not as a real risk assessment at this stage. Many different stakeholders were trained on the use of the EuroMix models.  

Risk assessment of chemical mixtures is often hampered by a lack of data. The EuroMix consortium developed a test strategy aiming to be cost-effective and to reduce animal testing. EuroMix tested a large number of chemicals affecting three adverse outcomes; liver steatosis, skeletal malformation and endocrine disruption. The test data will become available via the web-based EuroMix data and model platform and can be used in risk assessment of chemical mixtures.

The results will be presented and discussed as part of a workshop, The Chemical Cocktail Challenge, at Thon Hotel EU, Brussels, on 26 March 2019. This workshop is organised jointly with the EDC-MixRisk project, highlighting the main results and conclusions from the two Horizon2020-funded projects, EDC-MixRisk and EuroMix, and their implications for future needs for chemical mixture risk assessment.