EuroMix Continuing Education Course at EUROTOX 2018

The EuroMix project organised a Continuing Education Course about the EuroMix research emphasis and the EuroMix toolbox at the EUROTOX meeting in Brussels on the 2nd of September 2018. EUROTOX is the largest scientific meeting for toxicologists in Europe and this year almost 1500 people attended representing more than 60 countries.

This meeting attracts scientists as well as people working in regulatory agencies and industry. The course was one of six courses that were offered and in total 51 people attended the EuroMix course. The course was held between 10:30 -16:00, so there was enough time to present some of the work in more detail and to offer hands-on demonstration of Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA 8.2).

Roland Solecki, Jacob van Klaveren, Marc Kennedy, Cecile Karrer and Hubert Dirven from the EuroMix project presented the project as well as Heli Hollnagel who works as toxicologist for the Dow Chemical company.

Presentations were well received and there was good interaction with participants through questions and discussions. Many people were interested in receiving additional training in MCRA. These courses will be offered in 2019.