News from EuroMix human cohort (WP 7)

Recruitment goals achieved!

We are happy to announce that the EuroMix human cohort (WP7) has reached the projected number of participants. In total 145 persons (99 women and 46 men, aged 23-70) were recruited among employees at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and their family and friends, as well as students and employees at universities, hospitals and health institutions in the region of Oslo, Norway. Participation included self-monitoring of foods and cosmetic use for 24 hours, and in parallel the collection of 24 hours urine.  Skin wipes and blood samples were taken at the end of the 24-hour study period.

Dissemination activities in order to recruit volunteers

The EuroMix human cohort has been presented at internal meetings at NIPH and communicated through e-mails, the intranet (three headline-stories), and trough posters and stands during a research event on 16th of June 2017. Externally, two targeted Facebook campaigns were initiated (June + August), and several institutions were asked to shared information about the human cohort on their intranet.

Photo: NIPH employees visiting the EuroMix human cohort stand during a research event on 16th of June 2017