Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee

Dr Marc Kennedy (Statistician at Fera) will give a talk on September 19th to Defra’s Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee (HSAC).

HSAC is considering the issue of combination effects of chemicals, working with others. The HSAC committee is aware that there are a number of ongoing initiatives being carried out in the international arena and has invited Dr Andy Hart and Dr Marc Kennedy to hear about Euromix. Dr Kennedy will give a general introduction to Euromix and some detail on the cumulative and aggregate exposure modelling. Dr Hart will give a second talk in December, in which the broader issues of uncertainty and risk will be covered. Other UK researchers will also present related research at these meetings.

The Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee (HSAC) provides expert advice on how to protect the environment, and human health via the environment, from potentially hazardous substances and articles, including nanomaterials.